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Ibin Sina Hospitals


06-745 77 55


Free Health Check Up

20% discount for all services including consultation except vaccinations
05% discount for medicines from Ibin Sina Pharmacies          


Phone Number

Ibin Sina Medical Centre, Al Quds Street  Ajman

06 7457755

New Ibin Sina Medical Centre,Al Jerf, Ajman

06 7413330

Family Medical Centre, Al Zahra, Ajman

 06 7434800

Aaliya Medical Centre, Al Bustan, Ajman

06 7475599

Al Khaleej Pharmacy, Al Quds Street, Ajman

06 7444189

Al Shifa Pharmacy, Al Zahra , Ajman

06 7481499

Arabian Pharmacy, Al Jurf, Ajman

06 7417887

Emirates Pharmacy, Al Bustan, Ajman

06 7474900

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