• Silver Membership

    Get your Silver membership @ just AED 150/- only per annum to avail an array of super offers touching all aspects of your normal life in the UAE. We have arranged for you free benefits from Healthcare, Automotive, Education, Lifestyle, Wellness, Movies, Holidays, Travel, Sports, Theme parks, and even support from the Legal, Insurance, and Business industries and new partners get added frequently.
  • Gold Membership

    In addition to the Silver benefits, for just AED 100/- extra, get your Gold membership @ AED 250/- per annum only. The Gold member enjoys Great holidays and Free stay offers from globally known holiday makers. Open your own companies with Free tourist visa, Free Airport pick up and Free document pick up services for one of your shareholders seeking to open a company in the UAE.
  • Platinum Membership

    You are a real winner as a corporate when your company gets the Platinum membership @ just AED 350/- per annum. You enjoy the Silver + the Gold benefits plus a long list of massive discounts which saves you time and money. Our Platinum benefits would considerably bring down your expenses in all areas you are currently incurring costs. It could be at your fleet management or personnel management or even your inventory management. Be it Legal, Insurance or Government services support, Alpha Assured Assistance would be readily available at your call.

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