About Us

In sight of UAE’s goal to provide Happiness to all residents or visitors in the UAE, Alpha Assured Assistance is on a mission focused to also add to that happiness to everyone in UAE through their World Loyalty program. This would be an agenda which even the tourists to UAE could enjoy. This program would have almost all UAE Residents and Corporate entities as its members. This membership will entitle the member with an array of only very essential products and services instead of a 1500 inadequate discount offers.


We are unique, too, because of our significant mix of loyalty expertise, skills, capabilities and achievements in B2B and B2C loyalty. The foundation of our values is our focus on the customer. We believe in finding paths that will finally culminate in a thriving customer commitment environment that's suited exactly for you.

World Loyalty has made good use of the high emotional relationship consumers have with brands to achieve long-standing loyalty, support and recommendations. With intimate customer and market knowledge, we can help you to increase sales, generate incremental revenue and enhance customer loyalty throughout the ownership experience.

We have an entrepreneurial heritage, as we are part of The Transworld Group, a dynamic and independent organization. Perhaps what makes us unique is our mind-set. We have the fervor for loyalty and we want to work together with you as a team, share your challenges and help you to address them.

To achieve leadership by building successful partnerships through dedication, excellence and responsibility.

Around the world across language barriers, diverse customs and unique cultures, Alpha Assured Assistance shows great consideration by implementing immaculate business practices. Our dedication to transparency, ethical business practice, integrity and green environment is the foundation of our operation.

Maximize long-term value by developing our activities and becoming the best in every market we serve, and build strong partnerships in the industries we serve, assuring Happiness to all.

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